What is a Prayer Journey?

“A short-term missions trip for the purpose of 'praying on site with insight' resulting in the coming of God’s glory and the salvation of unreached people in a particular area.” - From Fred Hartley and David P Jones

What are the objectives of RMM’s Prayer Journeys?

  • To expose prayer warriors to another culture and to missions.
  • Through prayer to prepare hearts to receive Jesus as Savior.
  • To encourage, bless, “lift up the arms” of our missionaries.
  • To foster stronger RMM partnerships with CMC churches.
  • To foster prayer for a particular region or missionary in the local church.
What does a prayer team do?
  • Lots of praying 
    • in a variety of locations
    • for many people
    • with different kinds of prayers
  • Also talking, singing, worshipping, debriefing, laughing, crying, taking pictures, developing team jokes, shopping (a little) and the many other things that happen on a short-term mission team 
What does a team look like?
  • Teams consist of 4-8 intercessors who have been recommended by their pastor.
  • They are led by someone who has participated in a previous prayer journey and co-led by an on-site missionary.
  • All costs are paid for by team members/churches. 

Where will teams go?
  • Where there is a request from the field and where a missionary agrees to co-lead the team.
  • To overseas or stateside locations where a ministry exists.
  • To locations where RMM is considering working.
Why not pray at home and save the money?
  • There is nothing like praying “on site” to grasp the sights, sounds, smells and heartbeat of a place.
  • Praying on site is a tremendous encouragement to the missionaries and national believers. 
  • Will any of us stay and pray at home for one whole week?

For more information about how you can become involved,
Mim Musser.



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