With God’s help, we commit to being an agency that:

  • Does things by prayer instead of simply ­­praying about what it does.

  • Weaves prayer into the fabric of what we do rather than compartmentalizing it.

  • Prays when there are opportunities as opposed to only praying when there are problems.

  • Seeks God for his vision rather than depending on what we’ve already accomplished or have the ability to do.

  • Asks God to enable us to do what he is blessing instead of asking him to bless what we are doing.

  • Fasts and prays regularly about our financial situation, and moves ahead in faith in times of abundance and scarceness.

  • Prays regularly that the nations will come to worship Jesus!

Adapted from Everything by Prayer: Armin Gesswein's Keys to Spirit-Filled Living, Fred Hartley.


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