The conversion of the lost depends upon two groups of people—those who go and those who stay. Both are needed to have fruit. If you have not been called to go, then consider becoming an intercessor for the work of RMM by signing up to receive the Intercessor, a monthly list of prayer requests.

Participants are encouraged to set aside a time of prayer and fasting for the specific needs each Friday at noon. However, this is not a requirement to take part. Some find it more convenient to pray at another time. Some pray for one request each day. Some may find it difficult to practice the discipline of fasting. Do not let this deter you from becoming an intercessor. However, many of the intercessors will be spending time in prayer and fasting each Friday at noon.

Persons may feel free to request that their names be removed from the intercessors’ list at any time if it is no longer feasible to participate.

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